Client Praise

I’ve been coaching with Rebeccah Steele for almost 2 months now and the breakthroughs have been amazing. Rebeccah is truly an amazing and insightful coach and mentor and has helped me gain clarity in my business to up-level my money mindset. I would highly recommend Rebeccah 🔥

– Jenny McCabe Coaching

Coaching with Rebeccah Steele for business branding clarified for me the transformation I authentically offer my clients.  This will help them feel connected to me from the very beginning, and in turn, most easily attract my ideal client.
Discovering and understanding my main archetypes felt fun and joyous while celebrating who I am and translating it to my clients.  Rebeccah’s business coaching empowered me to understand that branding who I am at a soul’s level can deepen my clients’ experience.
Her brilliance shone the light on my unique brilliance so my clients can experience their own transformative brilliance.  Little did I know how much her approach to branding would be so profound for me.

 Peggy Nederlof, USA

I have known Rebeccah Steele as my mentor.  She has helped and guided me through some truly traumatic, emotional and life changing events. Her wisdom and kindness are unbounding.

 Helen Griffiths, UK

Dear Rebeccah I just want to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate your energy and effort to the Biofeedback work you did for me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I feel soooo much better! My energy has increased, my back pain has gone away and apparently my digestion has improved as well. I’m now under my goal weight! I look forward to maintaining this shift!

 Gayle Nicholson

Nicoline Huizinga

I saw Rebecca the last time she visited New Zealand as I had been told about her talent by numerous people. I saw her due to my fibromyalgia which gives me widespread pain, headaches and mental fatigue. The whole experience with Biofeedback and Bowen Technique was one I would recommend to absolutely everyone. She is extremely knowledgeable, talented and caring. She knows her job very well and helped me immensely.

 Kelly Sergeant, NZ

I sought out support initially to support myself through a severe grieving process which had resulted in lack of confidence, low mood and anxiety alongside insomnia .
Rebeccah educated me on the impact anxiety has on your body, where it comes from,the scientific understanding of it and techniques to help manage it.

Kathryn Woods, U.K.

Rebeccah I cannot thank you enough you have really enlightened my eyes and I am super excited for what God is doing in my life special thanks to you in your training.
I am speaking candidly about you changing the trajectory of my life. You are really the best! 🥰😍🤩

Dr. Varil Williams, USA

You have been so deeply profound in my session with me and this session has brought mindfulness and purpose into my day today. You are like a wonderful bookend to my week and this sets me up for the week ahead!

– Charmaine Mellor Money Clarity Coach

Rebeccah has always shown integrity , loyalty and responsibility. She’s very dedicated and driven in her area of expertise. Has great communication skills. Very kind/caring nature.

– Lisa, France


My experience has been first hand. Her knowledge, understanding & guidance played a leading role in setting me on a journey to better “wellness”. The balance & vital role she offers in aligning mind, body & soul, backed by years of study, practice & patience is crucial in today’s ever changing, fast paced world, where too often people are neglecting their own health. Rebeccah is an integral part of what is needed to continue to promote “good health & well being”.

 Wendy Forshaw, NZ


With regards to the Biofeedback online and the results coaching we had before and after ,Rebeccah is such an amazing facilitator .She has this wonderful way of making you feel seen and listened.
Through our work together I have more insights that further expanded my vision of my wellbeing and painted a clear direction of which steps to take towards my mental and physical wellness.

 Mariana Banu, UK

Rebeccah changed my life. I fully appreciated your guidance and mentoring.

– Ina Vikmane Emerson – Doctor and Energy Healer