Hello! I’m Rebeccah – A Wellness Mastery Mentor

I grew up in an Ayurvedic lifestyle – Ayur meaning Life and Veda meaning Science or Knowledge.

I experienced a series of health challenges in my early years in childhood to early adulthood where I lived in three continents with different cultural and economic environments. 

It has been these health challenges that led me to study the field of Sociology and Psychology and my interest in people and their environments and how environments shaped the landscape of their emotions and wellbeing. 

My training, experience, and expertise include a variety of disciplines in the health and wellness fields.

These disciplines include Advanced Nutrition of both Eastern and Western disciplines, Quantum World Vision Biofeedback, Bowen Technique, Scalar wave laser therapy, and Essential Oil therapy.

Each of these disciplines led to further training and experience and today I have a saying about my work ‘there are many of us who seek to experience and sustain the Magic however it’s only the few who allow themselves this Magic” 

“Vision with Definite Action goes hand in hand to determine your Business”