Work With Me

I have been trained and working with Biofeedback Devices and Quantum Energy Medicine for over 15 years. 

There is a growing awareness of Quantum Biology and Quantum Physics that restores Health, Wellness, and Wellbeing. 

There are many pioneers in this field. More recent pioneers are Dr Bruce Lipton – The Biology of Belief. Documentaries such as ‘What the Bleep Do We Know?’ 

Dr Joe Dispenza  – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’ 

Gregg Braden – The Deep Truth’ and who I had the pleasure of meeting at a Biofeedback conference in New Mexico . 


This is a science that has been part of human communities since the beginning. We make sounds ..we sing and/or we chant. The sound of the ocean waves, the wind, a thunderstorm , or birdsong  evokes deep feelings. From this vibrational state is how we connect and heal.

These pioneers and more such as Grace Method Hypnotherapy and the Grace App have recently inspired and influenced my journey in my life. 

I currently continue my journey in the Quantum world by training now as a student with Grace Method Hypnotherapy and I’m offering reduced cost hypnotherapy sessions. 

Your Inner Vision builds your Outer Reality 

Your Voice directs your frequency and vibration from your Inner Body to your Outer Reality 

All pain be it physical, mental, emotional  and disease have an energetic connection. 

Biofeedback Online with the Genius Insights is about receiving the current Frequency and Vibrational signals from a client and restoring any aberrant distorted signals to a more Aligned Frequency and Vibration for a client. 

Biofeedback Online with the Genius Insights includes a selfie photo taken 30 minutes before a session. It also includes Voice analysis with a Voice message that a client sends in with the Selfie. Date of Birth is also sent with the Selfie. An Affirmation is requested so that it can run as a frequency in the background of the what the Genius Insights offers. 

I have the innate ability to read the patterns that the Genius Insights provides upon analysing the Selfie photo and the Voice Analysis.  

A quote from Dr John Demartini 

“We are Wise when we finally embrace ‘what is’ instead of ‘what it is not’ or  what we imagine ‘it should have been’”