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Start With a Complimentary Consultation

Beginner Package

4 x Genius Insights Biofeedback sessions to clear the effects of vaccine shedding.

What is Genius Insights?
– Genius Insights is a Stress Reduction tool
– It uses a series of algorithms to receive frequencies from Voice message analysis, Selfie Photo, Name, and Date of Birth and compares these frequencies to a Relaxed, Healthy, Human Mind-Body-Spirit to give numeric scores.
– The algorithms are positive and powerful in reducing stress.


Follow Up Packages

Silver – $850 (4 Weeks)

Activate and Harmonize.

This is a 4-week package that includes a mini intensive of 2.5 hours in the first week. The following 3 weeks include 1.5 hours of Biofeedback Online with Genius Insights and 1-hour Mentoring each week

Gold – $6,500 (6 Months)

A  Powerful Direction to Your Spiritual Alignment with Purpose. 

This is a 6-month package that includes Bi-Monthly in-depth Mentoring with Biofeedback online focused on creative development.

Diamond – $10,000 (12 Months)

The Embodiment of Your Knowledge and Wisdom.

This is a 12-month package where we engage your creation pathways using Biofeedback Online and mentoring Bi-Monthly with skill and mastery allowing you to carry out your decisions wisely intuitively and with integrity.